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Millions of Veterans Unknowingly Exposed
March 8, 2019

During World War II the military began using products with asbestos in them. However, starting in the 1930s and continuing through the 1970s, the military used asbestos in almost all of their construction projects, maintenance and renovations. All transportation vehicles used by the military also contained asbestos, and lots of it.

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Mesocare.org is a free public service that is dedicated to providing, support, education and hope for patients and loved ones who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

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ALERT!  Online Thieves Stealing From Veterans
February 26, 2019

Veterans who own a Direct Express Card may be in jeopardy of having their accounts hacked by online thieves.

What is the Direct Express Card?

• Prepaid debit card to distribute federal benefits
• Used by approx. 4.5 million people
• Used for social security, disability and other federal benefits
• Distributes more than $3 billion a month
• Free alternative to direct deposit into a bank account
• Accepted anywhere that takes Mastercard

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Retirees Bound To UCMJ Forever
February 24, 2019

The U.S. Supreme Court chose not to hear the case of a retired Marine who was court-martialed for a sexual assault he committed three months after Honorably separating from the Marine Corps in August 2015.  By not accepting to review the case (Larrabee v. the United States), the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the status quo: that military retirees are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Attorneys argued that Larrabee’s case should have been considered by the U.S. Supreme Court because it has far-reaching consequences for all Honorably discharged military retirees. The law stipulates that "retired members of a regular component of the Armed Forces who are entitled to retirement pay" and "members of the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve" are subject to court-martial jurisdiction.

The Government maintains, that military retirement is simply a change of military status and retired personnel are subject to recall should the need arise.

The Government argues that the very act of receiving retired pay means that retired military personnel are choosing to keep a relationship with the military and accept all that goes with the choice not to terminate their connection to the Armed Forces.

Bottom line for all military retirees, as long as they are receiving pay they will be bound to UCMJ law forever.

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Richard Seibert, 2/28/19
Why is the system so concern about draft dodgers of vn war????

John Fitzgerald, 2/25/19
I agree, however: although he is a retired Marine, he does not wear the uniform of the Marines on a daily basis in public. This Marine is breaching the etho' and standards of behaviour you would expect to be held by one so long in service.

Thomas Fox, 2/24/19
I knew this when I retired in 2003, at a little over 20 years in the USN. From 20 to the 30 year point, your are not technically retired, nor recieving retired pay, but on retainer pay. at the 30 year point is when you are transferred to the Retired List, but still subject to recall.

John O'Brien, 2/24/19
Separated from the military but entered into a quasi military organization that stipulated that while on medical leave member must remain home while on ml. Argument was made duty day was not 24hrs ergo staying home constituted an overtime situation times number of days duration. Situation was quickly remedied once it incurred additional monies!

Larry Ammann, 2/24/19
Does this also include veterans drawing disability from military service?

Flint, 2/24/19
Would this apply to those medically retired? I would think not because  They are unable to the military's medical standards for duty.
Any ideas?

Charles Cooper, 2/24/19
How about veterans who are getting compensations for war wounds or even using the VA medical facilities?  Are they still under the UCMJ?