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Social Credit System Coming To America

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Social Credit System Coming To America
February 24, 2019

As you may already know, millions of Chinese citizens were blocked from traveling last year because of China’s new dystopian “social credit” system, which punishes its citizens for social offenses such as paying fines late, jay walking,  getting a speeding ticket, walking a dog without a leash, and forgetting to dump trash in its proper location. As reported by the Associated Press, 5.5 million Chinese citizens were barred from buying train tickets, air travelers were prevented from flying, and more than 200 Chinese citizens were blocked from leaving China because they were behind on their taxes. The Chinese government insists the new social credit system will improve public behavior, apply order, structure, and “good citizen behavior” throughout the country.   The Chinese government has also used genetic sequencing and facial recognition to attempt to tighten control of Chinese society.

Vice President Mike Pence criticized China’s social credit system last year as “an Orwellian system premised on controlling virtually every facet of human life.”

Are there plans to implement such systems in the United States?  Yes!  But, the system will be  under the guise as “cooperative participation.” 

Some companies in the U.S. have already implemented putting microchips in its employees.  The companies claim it’s a “voluntary system.” 

Some reports suggests there are plans to roll out a nationwide “social credit template” system by the end of 2020.

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Richard Seibert, 2/28/19
Had to fight Chinese in Vietnam, what do I owe them now ?????