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Why would a C&P examiner state that I don't qualify for PTSD because I don't meet Criteria A? 

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A1:  First off,WELCOME HOME!! PTSD cooled quite a bit around 10 years after Viet Nam.You need good records that show psych.appts with the shrinks,also,meds from your VA records.Today unfortunately.its more but not impossible to be awarded PTSD.GOOG LUCK!!  (PD)  12/30/18

A2:  That depends on what criteria A is. The C&P examiner is not normally qualified to disqualify someone for PTSD.  (AP)  12/30/18

A3:  Criteria A is a Traumatic Event that you experienced and that could be a 1.Death 2.Serious Injury or 3. Sexual Violence. This can be a Direct result or that you just witnessed it.  So that is what the examiner is talking about. Good Luck, My Brother!  (RA)  12/31/18

A4:  Examiner's are not rewarded on awarding you anything. If they were we would all get what we should. If you have a just cause appeal and keep on appealing. Make sure you are right though. Read the regulations yourself or get someone to help you. The VA is adversarial and not your friend. Involved your members of congress, your representative and senators. It's a long process but do not give up!  (JD)  1/3/19

A5:  They must use the DSM 5 to determine this. For your VA claim, use additional evidence proving you have PTSD from a Treatment Provider (VA or civilian) using the same DSM 5. For the DSM criteria and exactly what the VA needs to grant your PTSD claim, contact your County Veteran Service Officer and we have the specifics you need- plus we assist you without any cost to you.  (KF)  5/2/19

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