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Have been a Vietnam brown water Agent Orange N.H.L. cancer victim since 2008. Totally denied for ten years of any compensation by the VA system. My hypertension was diagnosed after I was diagnosed with the cancer. Can I claim and receive a secondary compensation for my hypertension even when denied for my cancer?

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A1:  First off-WECOME HOME!!I was with rivdiv/rivsec533 can tho.To answer tour question,yes you can.I dsont know who handled yout case.If know one has,get the DAV to handle this.They win more claims than anyoneYour NHL should be service connected,and compensatable.  Also,the Gamewardens of Viet Nam might be helpful.The wb site is Gamewardens of Viet Nam TF.116.com.Im a life member.GOOD LUCK brother.  (PD)  1/2/19

A2:  I would go to a VSO and write to my congressman as well. Reopen your claim and make sure you get all your service station records as well as all treatment for Agent Orange or any condition that is secondary to it. Do you have diabetes type II and diagnosed by an outside doctor or VA doctor if so you have a good case and keep fighting them. They are desperate to deny all claims and took me over 34 years to get 100 percent. That may go away when I turn 70 for expect the VA will deny my individual unemployability then I will have to sue the VA for they claim degenerative bone and joint disease in both knees but denies my whole spine which is the worst. The VA back stabs us veterans and wants to say how much they are doing for us and that is only a PR attempt. Get the information on your own without having the VA get it for you. They will pick and choose what information you get and make sure you see any pages missing to request them again. If your congressman is involved will help your case unless he is against us veterans and this you hope is not the case. Save all your records and never get rid of it for the VA may say they can't locate them which is another lie to see if you don't have them helps their case for denial. Best of Luck!!!  (JRM)  1/2/19

A3:  You can Claim anything you want.
If you're at the 100% level, it is hard to get much more but a veteran I grew up with receives about $200.00 per month over the 100% rate due to a serious problem with the blood.  So, why not get an SO, Service Officer to assist you. A claim is a claim.... Don't put it off..   (CS)  1/5/19

A4:  No. You can only claim a secondary condition for a condition that is service-connected.  (AP)  1/12/19

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