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I am currently rated at 70% and have been told by my doctors at VA and even the nurses who say I should be 100%.   I tried to get it moved up and they just denied it.  They said I was already given for my hearing but the hearing isn't my problem. I don't sleep, I have stomach problems, and I am in the head all morning until around 12 or 1 pm or until I leave my house. If someone can help me I would appreciate it. I can't work even in the yard for very long.  Maybe an hour or maybe 2 hours in the evenings. But have to sit and can't work long at all.  Any ideas how I can get to 100%?

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A1:  Without any listed diagnoses. I have to assume that one is IBS which is rated at 30% maximum rating. Depending on the circumstances of what got you to 70% you may be able apply for Individual Unemployability if you cannot work. Otherwise it takes quite a bit of percentage to get to 100 from 70 as VA math is very hard for many to understand. Take for example, if you ever reach a true 90% rating, it takes another 50% rating just to get to the 100% rating. There are so many variables that makes it hard to provide a solid straight answer. I always recommend using a Service Officer if one is available to you.  (JH)  4/23/19

A2:  I suggest putting together a strong portfolio of documents provided by your healthcare providers. You may have to file a new claim.Contact your local VA office, The American Legion for details on that. Also, contact your member of Congress.  (JG)  4/23/19

A3:  Look into individual unemployable for substantial gainful employment (VA form Feb 2016, form number 21-8940 an approximately 30 work week, if was approved your rating would become 100%.  (AA)  4/23/19

A4:  I had the same problem was denied twice. I was at 40% I contacted Woods and Woods lawyers and am now at 90% and they are going for Individual Unemployability. The great thing about a lawyer is they only get 20% of all backpay. Then that is all They only collect if they get you increased.  (TH)  4/23/19

A5:  Are the remaining issues of your case service connected since you may not be eligible for any increase if not.  The harsh reality is that everyone is not eligible for 100%. Those who are should resign themselves to the fact that you will be waiting for longer than you might think. In any case, get yourself a service officer, take him all of your paperwork and let he or she help you with your claim.  WELCOME HOME !!  (RF)  4/23/19

A6:  See your DAV or VSO,maybe they can get you some help or get a vet lawyer.  (MH)  4/23/19

A7:  This is what broke the 'log jam' for me: I assigner the DAV as my representative (they were VERY effective. And I worked with my County's "Veterans Services Officer" (your Co. may not have this help, but my Co. - in OR - has found that, by assisting Vets to be awarded the true Disability Rating that the vet is entitled to, the extra money paid to the vet adds significantly to the local economy and reduces the costs of social services that the Co. might otherwise have to provide to the vet.
CONTINUE to be your own advocate! No one else knows your situation better than you. You may have to call on people who know you well to substantiate your situation, as difficult as it may be to ask for that help, it IS LIKELY that you'll need it. If you ask, they WILL help!
Good luck.  (BE)  4/24/19

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