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How does a person get their disability increased to 100% from 90%?  I now have floaters in my eyes nothing is being done. My teeth are getting real bad and causing problems VA doesn't do anything until I am 100%. I’ve had a heart attack and stents placed in my heart.  I fall a lot of the times. I live alone and have a hard time getting up and down cleaning the house. I can't afford to pay someone to help me.  Cannot afford to go into a nursing home. HELP please!

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A1:   1. It's important to talk to your doctor about your health and ask what the plan is to specifically address each problem.

2. Floaters in the eyes are a normal part of aging but make sure you don't have a detached retina which is a sight threatening emergency.

3. File a claim with the VA for gum disease secondary to heart disease. If you're falling you might have a circulation problem due to the heart disease and that alone should qualify you for aid and attendance. Poor circulation negatively affects the gums and diseased gums negatively affect the heart so a secondary claim is justified. (EC)  4/26/19

A2:   It will be very hard to get from 90% to  100%, but it can be done.

On your floaters, VA will not pay for that. I realize that they aren't normal, but it comes with the aging process.

On your heart attack and stents that's a different story. Get all of your doctor's statements, reports, everything from all of your heart doctors and submit a new claim on Ischemic Heart Disease. Submit ALL medications that have been prescribed and that you are taking. Get a DBQ (Disability Benefits Questioner) Form and take to your Cardiologist so he can fill it out for you. Submit that with your new claim.

Are you Diabetic? If you are, again send in with your new claim and all medications that you are taking. Get another DBQ for Diabetes and have the doctor that is treating you for that to fill it out. One word of caution, VA doctors will rarely fill out DBQ Forms, but you might get lucky. Civilian doctors WILL fill them out, because you are personally paying them to treat you.

On your living alone, having hard time cleaning up, etc.,not being able to pay some one, there IS some help available for you and it is called: AID AND ATTENDANCE. If you can go in person, go to your VA Regional Office and there you will find the Aid and Attendance Office and explain your problem. If you cannot travel there, call your VA Regional Office and request the AID AND ATTENDANCE office; explain your problem and I am sure they will give you an answer.

Good Luck My Brother! Remember be Patient BUT Persistent!  (RA)  4/26/19

A3:  You need to file for unemployability. With that you will be bumped up to 100% pay and that will give you dental.  (RI)  4/26/19

A4:  You say you're at 90% disability. If you cannot work have you tried putting in for Individual Unemployability (IU) where you keep your 90% rating but get paid at the 100% rate. It's worth looking into if you haven't applied yet and are not able to work. Good luck! Keeping you in prayer!   (JB)  4/26/19

A5:  You should see about getting rated as unemployable, which pays at 100%.  (TK)  4/26/19

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