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I’ve been waiting for a response to my claim for five years and counting.  A Wounded Warriors Project VSO is handling my paperwork.  This guy never returns my calls, never answers my text messages, is never in his office, and is unresponsive.  The numbers show disability response times are growing.  I wonder how much of the problem is caused by VSOs who refuse to do their jobs.  How can I transfer my case to another VSO?     

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A1:  This is very important if he won't call you back report it to the main VA in your area. You can call to do this.  (DK)  4/28/19

A2:  This obviously is not right, the guy could have canned for being incompetent you could be dead either way five years is ridiculous you have to get off your bottom and start making some calls going face-to-face and say look at this can't keep going on obviously your paperwork fell through the cracks and they're not gonna look at it probably in the trash can.  Iit's up to you to make it happen.  (CB)  4/28/19

A3:  You deserve better. I would RUN to the nearest DAV office and talk to them. It's easy to change your power of attorney with one form.   (TC)  4/28/19

A4:  Visit the nearest DAV rep!  (RW)  4/28/19

A5:   Simply, go to the VA Website (www,va.gov/vaforms) and request, VA Form 21-22. The second page of this form list several VSO(s) to choose from. Go to the nearest VSO on the list. Explain to the Service Officer that you submitted your a claim 5 years ago, and you have not received anything from VA. The service officer will submit the VA Form through their VSO. Give it a week or two then ask the Service Officer to check on the status of your claim. He/she will know how to pursue your claim from there. Good Luck.  (CJM)  4/28/19

A6:  I switched VSO's a couple of times and the DAV is overloaded, VFW saw more from the bar tender than a counselor. I went to the African American VSO and they did a wonderful job helping me and I am Caucasian and did not matter to them. Other time was American Legion but was somewhat slow. Once you find one write out a letter certified return receipt that you sent it to them and told them you no longer want them representing you and have found another VSO. American Legion is very busy as well. But do not expect it to be decided in less than 2 1/2 years is what each of my claims took. For your C & P exam at VES instead of VA sent me to a Chiropractor which is where they sent me for my diabetes which is idiotic in my eyes. I made note of it just in case I have to sue the VA which is another alternative. The only thing the Chiropractor kept asking me if I could work after making it to retirement at the Post Office and retired on an early retirement at age 54. At age 65 my health conditions had gotten so progressively worse that I could never work a 8 hour day probably not more than a 2 hour day and you can not live on that. Don't just sit back but write to your congressman or one of them that is sympathetic to us veterans and at least you will get an answer of why is it taking so long and may speed them up.  (JRM)  4/28/19

A7:   I wouldn't have waited that long. 6 Months would have been enough for me.  Go to the VSO's office, get your file, and walk out.   Then call another VSO. They are everywhere. Get the new one and give him or her your file.   The state pays those VSO's or Service Officers a pay check.  File a complaint against that "Bad" VSO and get him removed.  I don't know where your are from but each state pays the VSO's. Just do a search, Google Search, and locate another one.   5 years is way to long. The "Dumb VSO probably lost your file of got Fired.
Just do what I said and you will be ok...(CS)  4/28/19

A8:  Call your Congressman in your State and speak to His/Her VA Rep.  I also suggest that you speak to the American Legion, Vietnam Vet group, and DAV.Then send a certified letter to the Director Dept of Veteran Affairs Regional office (in your Area) detailing your complaints. By all means don't be shy! SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD!  The positive side of this.. you will be paid 5 YEARS BACKPAY if your claim is approved !!!!  (DW)  4/28/19

A9:  please, please look into the American Legion or VFW You don't have to be a member to have them represent you-----------------------5 yrs,-----criminal.  (GH)  4/28/19

A10:  Contact a new veterans organization or state VA office. The VSO will submit the required paperwork to take over your case.  If there is a local VA clinic check with them, they can put you in touch with a VSO.  (RM)  4/28/19

A11:  The owner of WWP lives in Florida email the guy who runs WWP.   If that doesn't work go to any Vet Center site closest to you they will help and it's called just that Vet Center.  If you still don't get help go to any American Legion Office or Disabled Veteran Organization they both will help you.  (EH)  4/28/19

A12:  I worked as a DVOP, ( Disabled Veteran Outreach Specialist ) for the state of Tennessee for five years after 25 years of military service helping broke veteran like myself, ( the only reason I put my feet on the floor in the morning ). My duty location was on Fort Campbell in the Army Community Service building. My office was right next to three Veteran Service Officers. The VFW VSO, DAV VSO, and a State of Tennessee VSO. The VFW VSO by far seemed to have the best training out of the three of them. If you do not live within driving distance to a Military Reservation; I would highly suggest that you contact the VFW and request the name and location of your nearest VFW VSO. I used the VFW, and it went like this; he requested a copy of my military medical folder; he scrubbed it and found 22 injuries or illnesses in my records; and filed the claim. When the VA declined a couple of the claim items; he automatically filed the appeal. I hope this helps in some way; best wishes in all your pursuits.  (GS)  4/29/19

A13:  Yes, you can change your VSO. I can't speak for others but I changed to a law firm and they are like pit bulls.  (TB)  4/29/19

A14:  I am the Commander of DAV in Oklahoma.  I suggest you find a local Disabled American Veterans Office and a DAV Service Officer immediately.My Chapter has 7. They are all dedicated individuals and volunteers.
Veterans Helping Veterans is the motto of the DAV. If you need assistance please email me back.  (JE)  4/29/19

A15:  Find another Vso like DAV and having him switch your claim to him.  (BB)  4/29/19

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