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I filed my NOD in November 05, 2017; requested for a DRO review on my appeal. I submitted for only one issue, how long does it usually take for a DRO review to be completed? 

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A1:  It took me 3-1/2 years, but without involving my Representative, it might of taken longer. Once I asked my Representative, his staff contacted the VA about my claim and without 2-months I received three C&Ps and then I was awarded 3 of my 4 claims, with 4-years of back pay. Asked you Senator & Representative for help. Good Luck. Welcome Home.  (JL)  4/26/19

A2:   Unfortunately, the VA does not have a time limit for a DRO to review your appeal. However, with the new VA Appeals system recently going into effect earlier this year on the 19th of Feb., having both systems simultaneously running has caused many delays. Your claim- unless you requested to have the VA process your file under this new appeals system- will continue to be processed under the traditional legacy system. You have several options. You can see your County Veteran Service Officer or your chosen Veteran Service Organization to see if you qualify to have your claim expedited (processed faster) OR you can call the VA HOTLINE (open 24/7) 1 855 948-2311 to ask why the unusually long delay in your claim OR you can contact your Congress person and have them do an official "Congressional Inquiry" which will get a speedy explanation. I suggest you continue to be pro active and do not stop until you find out why the long delay in processing your request for a DRO.  (KF)  5/2/19

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