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I’ve read where the VA Administration isn’t paying for Parkinson’s benefits.  It must only be for the state of West Virginia, because I have a friend in South Carolina that put in a claim for Parkinson’s and received his benefits in a little over 4 months.   I was under the impression that all veterans administrations are under the same federal guidelines.  The DAV representatives say apply for it but you will be turned down as were 50 claims we put through.  If one state can apply for benefits, why are other states denied?

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A1:  It does vary, I knew a warrant officer years ago retired in Washington state because he would get a higher percentage in disability than PCS'ing to Fort Bragg, NC and then retiring. So he retired instead of PCS'ing to NC.He was injured as he and others have jumped out of planes for almost 25 years which takes a toll out of one's body. The VA in NC is hard on Bragg soldiers and is unjust as far as I am concerned. Which is why that Warrant Officer chose to retire in Washington. He earned it, but NC VA would of denied many issues. It is just the reality on how the VA operates.  (RS)  4/30/19

A2:  While the VA guidelines for assessing disability compensation claims are the same, the VA Regional Offices in each State do not apply the guidelines the same. It may also come down to the individual Claims Officer who reviews your claim. So some VAROs are more likely to approve a particular claim than others. Not right, or even fair, but it is what it is.  (DJ)  4/30/19

A3:  If you are a Nam Vet, I would strongly advise you to seek out your closes VVA rep. If you are not a member, then I would also strongly recommend you join. The DAV, like a lot of other organizations seem to want to forget about us. Remember we are still not being honored as being in a WAR. Congress still has not acknowledged it being a WAR. They are saying the longest running war is the AFGAN war. Even though we started advising in 1957 and then were pumping it up by early 1960 and you know the rest of the story. The VVA still stands strong. We fought hard through out the 1980's to become a strong voice for ourselves. To the masses we are still forgotten.  (PG)  4/30/19

A4:  Probably because VA hired an outfit for 9 BILLION dollars a year, Q.T.C., for one purpose and one purpose only ..... to deny all of our claims for compensation. You'll do better to get diagnosed by civilian doctors and turn those into your advocate to file for you. May still have to see a QTC screener, but the civilian doctors have more wieght in claims.  (TT)  5/1/19 

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