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I am 100% service connected permanent and total disabled. Can I receive dental care under the Choice program if I live more than 50 miles from the nearest VA dental clinic? 

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A1:  You might be able to with prior approval from your local VA Medical Center. I would not do it without prior approval as you could get caught with a large bill.  (GR)  5/2/19

A2:  Best is contact the VA dental clinic for referral to non-VA dentist. They are best to know if your situation is eligible for a referral.  (LK)  5/2/19

A3:  Yes you can get Choice dental care so contact the VA and find out if and what forms you need if any. I had dental done for specialty care for dental that the VA Dental could not provide. So reason you can not get it. I may try to get implants but sure the VA will not cover them. If the VA does not give you the information then see a VSO and they should be able to help guide you.  (JRM)  5/2/19

A4:  Yes. I am 100% and I go to my local VA.
you get a lot of other benefits also.  (AJ)  5/2/19

A5:  If the VA cannot provide medical services at a VA facility within 30 days of the date of the veteran's request, the veteran may request that the VA provide treatment by a private health-care provider through the VA's VCP (Veterans Choice Program). However, many VCP providers require that veterans guarantee payment for the services provided should the VA be late in paying or decline to pay the provider.  (NM)  5/15/19

A6:  The outside program for dental is called Fee Basis. Choice specifically deals with medical issues. The first step is to schedule an appointment with the VA dental office. After the initial interview they will let you know if you can use outside dental. (Express your desire to use outside dental, especially if you have a long drive.)  (LC)  5/30/19

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