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Once again veterans in the Philippines are not getting their just.  Over 2 years ago the VA stopped paying travel pay to the VA clinic in Manila. Some of us that live 5 to 6 hundred miles from Manila must take a plane and taxi to the VA clinic. I spend on average $300/$400 dollars every 6 months to go to the clinic in Manilla.  This is for a mandatory check up. If I don't go the VA will stop my pay.  The veterans in the U.S. get travel pay, but why don’t veterans in the Philippines? 

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A1:  Plus we don't get the same medical treatment as being in the U.S. I lost most of my medical coverage. I was getting 100% medical including dental. I thought as honorable veteran's we would be taken care of for our medical needs. I am service connected.   (RI)  5/3/19

A2:   I live in Vietnam and have the same problem.  (MP)  5/3/19

A3:   I go weekly to a va clinic in san antonio, tx and not once in 25 years has the va payed me a penny of travel. you choose to live where you are, therefore you choose to pay the price.  (MW)  5/5/19

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