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Two weeks after separating from the Army in 1995 I rushed to the VA Medical Center in San Diego with a horrible red rash all over my face and neck.  The rash was leaking pus and was very sensitive to touch.  The rash was so rare the doctor asked if I would allow other medical professionals to come in the exam room and take a look at my condition.  They took pictures of the condition and recorded it somewhere.  And, that’s the problem.  In 2010 I contacted the VA Medical Center in San Diego and asked for the records of my visits.  Unfortunately, no one could find any records that I ever visited the VA Medical Center in San Diego.  Records and pictures just vanished.  I’ve called my local VA in Loma Linda, I called St. Louis National Archive department and I’ve reached out to Army Medical records department.  No one can find proof of my visits. Does anyone know how I can locate the records of my visits to the VA Medical Center in San Diego? 

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A1:  Health vet.va.gov should have them.  (SB)  5/3/19

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