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Why is there such a disparity in benefits and compensation between 90% and 100%? This is not a complaint but a mere question. The benefits don't increase from 80% to 90%. The compensation is 67% of the amount for the 100% disabled. I guess that the follow-up question is: What can be done to make both benefits and compensation more equitable at 90%?

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A1:  Nothing you can do. These amounts are set by Congress.  (AP) 1/12/19

A2:  Once you get to 90% it becomes VERY difficult to get the remainder 10% needed to get to 100%. Once you get to 90%, VA starts adding in tenths instead of the full percentage that is awarded. When you are at 90% you need 10% to arrive at 100%. So if you receive 20% more it does NOT mean you are now: 90% + 20% = 110%. What VA now does is they take that 20% you received from the original 10% (100% - 90%= 10%). So 20% of that 10% equals .2%. There is your tens of percent I was talking about. So at 90% with an extra 20% you would be at 90.2%. That, My Brother is what is called VA Funny Math.  Good Luck My Brother! Be Patient but Persistent.  (RA)  2/10/19

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