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My shrink has stated a bunch of times that I am unemployable do to depression, anxiety, and poor social skills.  I put in for individual unemployability with the VA a few years back and was denied.  Will the VA listen to my shrink if I tell him to call them and tell them I am unemployable?  Will his medical opinion have any influence on the VA to make me IU?  I’m currently SVC at 70%. 

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A1:  Your Doctor will have to fill out the required forms with the correct language for approval.They are in detail so it takes awhile.You are eligible and you should get it.  (FU)  5/5/19

A2:   I to have the same problem but I found that the docs at the va won't or can't have anything to do with our money. I tried twice and they still disapproved me. Heck even the nurses say I should be at 100%.  (CF)  5/5/19

A3:  Depends on you ratings. The rules for IU are 60% for 1 condition or at least 70% for combined conditions one of which must be 40% or higher. If you are 70% for your mental health conditions you need to file for an increase. You will need to provide new and material evidence from your doctor. I would advise you to use someone like the DAV as the laws changed on Feb 19 on which paperwork to use.  (TC)  5/5/19

A4:  You need your doctor to fill out a DBQ for your disability, and he needs to make a statement that your service connected issues are what make you unemployable. Please contact me with any other questions.  (TH)  5/5/19

A5:  No. A phone call can be made by anybody pretending to be somebody. If you shrink, as you call him, would be willing to put his findings in writing and send it to the VA that might help. But I am sure the VA will insist you have a meeting with the VA shrink.  (RC)  5/5/19

A6:  Another way if you meet the 60% or 70% as stated on other answer. As an Accredited Veteran Officer, with the VVA, I send Veterans to Voc Rehab, get a letter from them to say you cannot obtain gainful employment.  (GR)  5/5/19

A7:  The VA will not call a medical provider..you will have to get your Dr to write a letter stating your exact symptoms and he'll have to state in his professional opinion why he feels the way he does about your symptoms. Then take his letter to your local VCO and refile your claim and have the VCO submit the Drs letter. Good luck.  (KS)  5/5/19

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