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I recently noticed on my DD Form 214 that someone made a mistake in typing my birthdate.  I never noticed the mistake until I started receiving VA information and I wanted to apply for my Veteran ID Card.  How can I quickly get this error corrected? 

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A1:  It won't be quick. Copy your birth certificate and your DD 214 and mail them to the military records center in St. Louis. Submit a letter along with those two documents stating the reason for your request for a new DD 214.  (RW)  5/5/19

A2:  The correct way is to fill out a DD form 149 if after 15 years, under 15 use DD form 293, fill it out and send a copy of your birth certificate to the branch of service you were in and that will take approximately 6 months to a year.  (GR)  5/5/19

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