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I have a brother who is 100% P&T.  He is now in a health & rehab home the VA is paying for. Will the VA take away his VA disability compensation?

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A1:  No, he will keep his money as long as he is in a VA contracted nursing facility.  (LC)  5/9/19

A2:  No. By VA regs,once a vets rating is 20 years or more old the compensation is considered protected from reduction. Also, because he is P and T, when he passes, the DIC payment kicks in to his spouse. Hope this info helps out.  (PD)  5/9/19

A3:  VA Compensation & Pension (VACP) payments are separate from VA Healthcare, so no, his VACP payments should not be affected.  (DJ)  5/9/19

A4:  I was told that the P&T will only be P&T after a ten year period by the VA itself.However when you understand that there is actually no law that the government has to pay us for any disability you have your answer.  (EO)  5/9/19

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