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I am 100 % permanent for major depression but even though it was during gulf war era I was not in combat. Should I still apply for CRSC?  Or, am I opening a new can of worms?  I was told before if cannot show combat do not even try for compensation.

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A1:  https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/disability/crsc.html  (BB)  5/9/19

A2:  NO! Combat Related Special Compensation, Key Word here is "COMBAT". The was granted to provide some with less than 50% Disability, who served in Combat, some compensation. You were not in COMBAT, why would you feel you deserved this when you also already receive 100% Disability?   (PB)  5/9/19

A3:  That first answer is totally wrong. CRSC is for Retired Military Personnel. This benefit is label wrong. You don't have to be in combat, you could have trained for combat and that qualify you for this if you are retired. I have been a Accredited Veteran Service Officer for 10 plus years and have assisted hundreds of Military Retirees receive this benefit.  (GR)  5/9/19

A4:  CRSC should be for the Troops who were in Combat,and have wounds to prove their disabilities, not for the ones who sit behind a desk, behind the wire fence.  (WC)  5/9/19

A5:  Sorry but the guy who wrote A3 needs to get retrained of find another job. A2 and A4 are right on. CRSC is ONLY for combat related disabilities. What A3 is referring to CRDP, which is ONLY one who have served at lease 20 years ACTIVE, retire, and have service connected disabilities.  (TB)  5/9/19

A6:  No, I was not referring to CRDP, that is when Retired military First gets their disability they are in that for a while. Read the Veterans Handbook on who and how to qualify for the CRSC. They are two different programs. Again I am Accredited Veterans Service for the past 10 years plus and have done CRSC for exposure to Agent Orange and Retiree have been awarded CRSC.  (GR)  5/10/19  

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