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How can a “VA doctor,” a so called professional physician tell you are fine and they don't ask you how you cope day to day with PTSD? The VA is dropping my disability rating because this so called “doctor” said my PTSD was better.  Not at all, and now my depression is running wild and I can't sleep, I can’t eat, I can’ think. I'm worried about my family.  I’m having flashbacks from Vietnam and nightmares every night since I found out the VA is dropping my disability compensation.  I guess they really want us living on the streets.  What can I do to stop the VA from dropping my compensation?  And how can I get this doctor fired?  He doesn’t need to hurt any more veterans.

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A1:  First of all, find out if he's a real doctor. If he's a P.A. (physician assistant) he cannot make an independent medical judgment. If he's a student, resident or intern, then they have a SUPERVISOR. challenge the diagnosis, anyway. Appeal the decision and FIGHT.  (SH)  5/9/19

A2:  Call the 800-827-1000 file a complaint on the doctor and then on a 21-4138 also write down how long u were in there and everything that was done unfortunately this event happens all the time and recommend your local vso or Atty to file a complaint for inadequate exam and ask for a hearing before your 60 days are up from the date of notice!  (PB)  5/9/19

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