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I recently drove to Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio to the commissary to buy a couple of cartons of cigarettes. The last time there I paid about $46.00 per carton. Today, I was charged $67.00 per carton. When did this happen and why did I not read anything about this benefit being eliminated?

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A1:  So your upset because they are trying to stop you from killing yourself by pricing those cancer sticks so you eventually won't be able to afford them?  (EM)  5/14/19

A2:  Just guessing, but probably because the government doesn't want to contribute to lung cancer by giving discounts on cigarettes, but I could be wrong. But I'm also sick of seeing my friends who smoke, die of lung cancer!  (BB)  5/14/19

A3:  What benefit are you talking about?  (TK)  5/14/19

A4:  The truth hurts sometimes. I personally can?t be anywhere near ANY smoker PERIOD. It is a filthy habit. With that said, there are 10's of thousands of veterans who never smoked then there are 100's of thousands of those who smoked. As far as I am concerned the Commissaries and PX's should charge $600 a carton and use that money to pay for your filthy habit. And vet who smoked all of their lives and end up with lung cancer should be denied and VA Benefits for their choice to smoke. So what I see is and old Veteran, who is crying over spilled milk. I am willing to put big $ that you are obese. You made your bed so you can sleep in it and it's not the responsibility of Joe American to pay for your piss poor choices in life.  (CB)  5/14/19

A5:  Time to quit so you will live longer to complain about these "benefits."  (JN)  5/14/19

A6:  DOD did away with the discount in 2016:
https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2016/04/29/tobacco-prices-going-way-up-in-dod-stores-you-ll-pay-the-same-as-civilians/   (BB)  5/14/19

A7:  This was due to taxes. Same thing happened to me last summer. I just stopped buying them from the base I go to here in Philly. Same prices off base.  (LR)  5/14/19

A8:  Some angry answers. Answer #A6 and A7 came the closest to understanding and answering the question.  (RS)  5/15/19

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