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In Korea Agent Orange was over there.   Why can't Korean War veterans get the same as the other veterans who get compensation?  I am a disabled veteran and I cannot get help to even buy a home for me and my family.  It is sad we the disabled Korean War veterans go over there and fight and some were lost there. We cannot get the help we need because are credit scores are not good. So how can I get help to buy a home?  

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A1:  Contact Trey Budke at USA Mortgage. He is knows as "The VA Dude" for his amazing work with VA Home loans. I don't know your situation but I know he can help you greatly in your situation. He will either get you a home right away, connect you with someone he knows will get the job done with your situation and/or get you better prepared to buy your home. It's all based on credit situation not necessarily the score itself. Email me and I can give you his phone number as well!  (CW)  5/14/19

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