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I am a veteran with 20 years service and retired. I would like to know on what grounds can I be denied treatment and medication for my service connected injuries? And, does marital issue's disqualify me from receiving this benefits? I feel I earned my 20 years, 2 months, 22 days of service to the Military and the Nation. I would appreciate any assistance from those who can provide or refer. I thank you for your time.

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A1:  Visit nearest DAV & they would be most happy to help you with this.  (RW)  1/3/19

A2:   If I were you I would first write to one of your congressman that is sympathetic to us veterans and our needs. They will get a straight answer from the VA or someone in the VA will contact you for more information. The find a VSO that has a half way decent rating for helping veterans. American Legion, VFW and DAV(but they are used a lot and are overbooked helping veterans). While in the meantime go online and find out where your records are being kept in the military and better for medical records to contact your last duty station for a copy of your military medical records. They may release them or not and if not do not depend on the VA to help get any of these records or the VSO to do so. You can then go thru those records and submit pages that support your claim in any way. Turning in everything just gets the VA more confused than they already are. Most of the VA never served in the military in any capacity and know nothing about it. They are the ones that make the decisions even though they have no idea what we have been thru or even care only what is on the paperwork. Get hold of other friends and co-workers in and out of the military for them to fill out a Statement In Support Of Claim by each of them. Contact me and I will try to send an attachment with different VA forms you may or may not use and might send at least one of mine so you will get an idea of what you need from them. Next make a copy to submit and keep all originals on paper, zip drive, disc that you can go to for the information if you need it so you computer does not get full of VA documents. The documents you have submitted keep a separate disc for those as well to make it easier to locate. Scan all of these to your computer first them transfer them to the disc. Never get rid of any of them which is a hassle but believe me the VA will say they can not locate the information you submitted if you open a new claim for worsening health conditions due to service connected conditions. Just because someone in your family has any conditions does not mean you tell the VA for they will automatically try to make it as hereditary not service connected. I had two brother that drank like fish and got diabetes and other issues related to there bad habits. Request all of your military records directly yourself, outside and military medical records. The VA most likely will get all these themselves but will not share or let you know about them. This talk by the VA that they will help you with your claim is bogus and found they do nothing to help. They are using VES for C & P exams and you will end up seeing a Chiropractor for evaluation which is BS and only thing they will keep asking is can you work and in what capacity. Save the name and information about the person you see, time, date, etc just in case you have to take the VA to court. If you have diabetes or some other ailment no chiropractor can do what a MD does but this is how the VA wins their cases by underhanded means. Do not give up for each claim takes from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years to complete. If your married you get extra for your spouse. You will need information about your marriages, divorces, etc as well. Let me know if I can help guide you in any way and will do my best as long as my health holds out enough for my spine is getting worse from degenerative bone and joint disease caused by diabetes type II from Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. Which the VA accepts both my knees for it but not my spine which is in even worse condition. Right now I am being paid at the 100% because of the 10% unemployability. I am turning 70 this year and expect the VA to take the 10% away or even more. I have not claimed every condition so if I have to take it to court have a better case against them for my conditions. If your forced to sue them they will drop you off the VA and you will never get anything from them. I would rather do that than put up with this garbage treatment they are giving most of us veterans. I could go to outside doctors for have medical coverage and Medicare but not eligible for SSI or SSDI because don't have enough paid into Social Security. To old and unemployable. Think of all conditions and what conditions that may be secondary to the primary health problem or caused by a condition or injury while in the military. The burden of proof to support and prove the claim is basically on you to prove. Best OF Luck and never stop fighting only this is one long fight worse than serving in a combat situation for your entire military service. This one never ends and always have to be prepared for what the VA will throw at you next. You served your country and got health issues for it but now your like us older people not of any use to them anymore but they don't want to pay up or take care of what they created. Be waiting to hear from you soon if you want. I have helped over 250 vets just guiding and advising them. Not a trained professional and don't charge just guide. I even got threatened by the VA and they found ways to block me from helping and with the new system they have control. I just go by what I have been thru with the VA and what to be prepared for.  (JRM)  1/3/19

A3:  You can be denied if your income is greater than a certain level. Other than that, you must be treated. As a retiree, you should have Tricare to cover your medical expenses.   (AP)  1/4/19

A4:  Marital, as in divorce issues can not be used to gain payments from your disability money. No one can terminate your benefits. Go to a patient advocate, veterans center, start making your records.if necessary use certified mail. It's a struggle sometimes, but worth it in the end.  (CM)  1/5/19

A5:  I have always found the VVA more helpful than most organizations.  (PG)  1/8/19

A6:  Marital issues do not affect you receiving treatment or meds from the VA. It is rare for the VA to deny medical treatment or medication for S/C issues, but the two most common reasons are: the VA Medical folks may be unaware that your condition/disability was granted service connection -- the VA Benefits people do not ordinarily share your award records with VA healthcare folks. You should check with your VA Healthcare to see if they are aware of your Service Connected issues awarded. Also the VA may have to deny the meds. you want and substitute a generic medicine or another medicine because the other is not on their formulary (they only have meds. on their formulary). It would be to your benefit to get with your County Veteran Service Officer or your chosen Veteran Service Organization to find out exactly why you were denied or to learn of other reasons you can be denied treatment or meds. for your S/C issues. It is rare, but it happens.  (KF)  5/2/19

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