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I served on board the USS Buchanan from 1967 until 1971, during that time the Buchanan operated in Vietnamese waters during three Westpac tours. During the 1969 tour the Buchanan a nerd and Anchored in Da Nang Vietnam Harbor. We provided Naval gunfire support all up and down the coast of Vietnam and I Corps, and served as plane guard duty on Yankee station. I would like or whoever can look into this matter to do so. The Buchanan is qualified and deserves to be put on the Agent Orange ship list. Please tell me how the Buchanan can be put on the Agent Orange ship list?  Keep me informed as to what has been done to correct this ships Omission from the list.  

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A1:  There's no list for blue water sailors for agent orange purposes. However, there is a list for brown water sailors. Now, either DOD, Navy or the Veteran Health Administration is responsible for this list.  (AD)  5/17/19

A2:  I just Googled the USS Buchanan. It did serve in Viet Nam. You could have googled this up yourself and taken the information to a VSO and filed a claim if that was your intention. The ship's log is available on google.  (GH)  5/17/19

A3:  The bill needs to pass the Senate then signed by POTUS. Im sure there is a list.  I just wanted to thank you for support. We always knew when the ships were pounding the Ashau. and we always seemed to have a break from indirect fire at Camp Eagle I Corp.101ST MID.67-68.. I always thought it was the NJ.  (KF)  5/17/19

A4:  Another ship not on the list is Outagamie county LST I was with Kilo btry 4/12 3rd mar div We were transported from Dong Ha to Okinawa in 11/69.  (PG)  5/17/19

A5:  Make sure you have the chronicle history and locations showing that the ship was in these locations. Contact your congressman and give him the information as well. The VA does not want to add the ship to the list for that would mean more claims for health conditions that they get away with denying now and they are doing all they can to save the government money at any cost even as to our health that will never be the same but money is the main objective to save. Good Luck at least it is a start or another war for I have not done the same but got too much going right now but will look into it later on and I served on 3 ships in Vietnam.  (JRM)  5/17/19

A6:  What about the Enterprise and the USS English DD696. As a sailor, I saw some of my crew mats smuggle Agent Orange from the Enterprise to the English. It went to Cuba, where I went and handled it.  (JTM)  5/17/19

A7:  Our ship, the USS Duncan K. Mansfield (DD-728), served off of Vietnam both in blue water and brown water service, primarily for NGFS and Operation Sea Dragon. Prior listings of Agent Orange status included Mansfield, but the latest listing excluded Mansfield. There may be a distinction between blue and brown water status, but Mansfield included both, including assignments in the Rung Sat Sprecial Zone in 1969 amd 1970 and De Nang.

I am aware of at least four shipmates that have filed been accepted to be covered under Agent Orange staus for VA benefits.

I would appreciate your investigation and clarification.  (RL)  5/17/19

A8:  I am a Vietnam veteran in the Navy from 1971 to 1977. I am on board USS Wabash,USS Kansas City and USS Enterprise. Most of my sea duties were at the Gulf of Tonkin.  (AB)  5/17/19

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