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I receive compensation for cancer, PTSD, hearing loss and heart problems. Every claim filed for hypertension/ high blood pressure was denied. If the VA adds hypertension caused by Agent Orange and I refile a claim, if it gets approved would the VA have to pay me back pay from when the hypertension was first denied? All my approved claims were due to exposure to Agent Orange.   

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A1:  Did you appeal the denial of hypertension? if so, then back pay can be awarded if you won or win the appeal.  (RI)  5/19/19

A2:   I filed four claims pertaining to Agent Orange for high blood pressure, hypertension and on each claim I was denied, it became a issue of being denied, I became so frustrated, I stopped filing, because it was constantly being denied.  (FP)  5/19/19

A3:  Excellent question! I'm in the same situation.  (JS)  5/19/19

A4:  Only, if appealed within the time frame that the VA allows.  (MH)  5/19/19

A5:  To your question about whether you can be back paid from the date of filing IF the VA adds hypertension to the presumptive list due to Agent Orange exposure. The answer is Yes at this time you will be back paid from the date of original filing but only IF the VA adds this to the Presumptive List. Hope this answers your question.   (RG)  5/20/19

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