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Why do I get a pension and not compensation? I was exposed to poison gas an have serious mental issues due to Desert Storm.   

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A1:  This situation happens all the time. To change from a pension to get disability file a claim for all the medical issues you have on a 21-526ez, check the compensation block at the top and on the 2nd page list all the medical issues, fill out the following pages and fax it to Wisconsin.  (GR)  5/19/19

A2:  Pension is paid to disabled wartime veterans (ie: service during a period determined as a wartime period, by the VA, not whether you were in actual combat) and the VA has decided that your disabilities are NSC (non-service-connected). They've decided that you "are" disabled, but not due to military service. Pension is means tested.   I would appeal the decision and provide more proof.   (RH)  5/19/19

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