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I served in Vietnam from September 1969 to August 1970. I've read that during that time period if you even stepped off a plane in Vietnam you qualify for compensation. I have a 38-year-old retarded son and had a tumor removed from my lung which they thought at first was Mesothelioma. Do I qualify for compensation for my lung programs since I served in Vietnam?    

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A1:  I would say Yes you qualify due to meeting the boots on the ground test.  (RI)  5/21/19

A2:  Your best bet would be to go to a Vet Center and find a good VSO to help you. There are many presumptive diseases you can be compensated for. Do you have PTSD? Anxiety? Documented by a Physician? Tinnitus? You can be compensated for many illnesses with service connection. Good luck to you!   (MAC)  5/21/19

A3:  I would for sure talk to your local CVSO. If you put boots on the ground you may qualify. Your CVSO would be able to tell if you should file a claim. Welcome Home.  (DE)  5/21/19

A4:  It sure wouldn't hurt to apply. Could be the effects of Agent Orange.  Just get a SO-Service Officer. They/He/or She do all the paperwork.  (CS)  5/22/19

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