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I was aboard the U.S.S. Cavalier for it's WESTPAC cruise from March 1966 to September 1966. During that time we served as a support ship in Danang harbor for several months and I'm told we carried Agent Orange as part of our cargo. I did not find the Cavalier on the list of ships listed as exposed to Agent Orange. A shipmate of mine told me he filed for benefits and said the Cavalier was officially listed as serving as a "brown water" ship. Is the Cavalier an official Brown Water ship?    

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A1:  Yes the Cavilier qualifies during that time period. It has been documented that crew members went ashore in DaNang . Google agent orange and agent orange and USS cavielier . Here's is what I saw:  "USS Cavalier (APA-37) served as Da Nang Harbor station ship, with crewmembers going ashore, from June-July 1966."  (GM)  5/21/19   

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