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While I was a Marine, stationed at Camp Pendleton, I was bit in the face by a dog and lost 1/4 of my upper lip. I was sent to the Navy hospital in San Diego, where they did surgery to piece my upper lip back together. What I ended up with was a big lump where my lip was, and then no lip to the right of that. Fortunately, my mustache covers most of it, so people don't really notice.  I am already at 30% disabled for a bad ankle, and peripheral neuropathy cause by repeatedly injuring the ankle. Can I file an entirely different claim for my facial scar caused by the dog bit?    

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A1:  Was this a military dog? If so I would say yes.  (GD)  5/24/19

A2:  Yes. VA does rate scars and facial scars are rated more because they are so visible,as the face is where people look at you and are considered more disfiguring. Hope I worded that correctly. BTW you can file a claim for "anything," it's whether or not you can win.  (RH)  5/24/19

A3:  That's a Yes.  Every Penny add up just like every event or injury add up. File. Good Luck.  (TG)  5/24/19

A4:  Yes, the VA will comp you for scars. My experience is for small scars on my far head from rash I had in 1969. I was turned down but in 2010 I had a C&P for the old rash, which was gone but the Dr measured the scars and I received 20%. Good luck.  (JM)  5/24/19

A5:  Yes....there is no limit to the number of claims you are permitted to file. That does not mean that you claim will be approved or that it is compensable. Additionally, anytime a claim is made, your entire file might be up to review.  (NB)  5/24/19  

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