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I want to open an education facility for former felons that are veterans. It will offer food, clothing, housing, continuing formal online education and skills education into an employable skill. What can I do to get help in opening this facility?

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A1:  Are you a veteran?

VA is a big supporter of our veterans in terms of their willingness to provide resources for such endeavors, e.g. low interest loans.

The VA may be able to provide other connections, e.g. developing your business plan. I also know the VA sometimes prioritizes veteran owned businesses.

If you don't have a business plan this should be a priority for you. No doubt the VA and/or other organizations will inquire about your business plan if you are requesting funds.

For additional resources, inquire with your local, county and state for additional leads, e.g. grants and United Way. If at all possible make connections with other individuals who have done this and inquire as to what was their experiences have been.

You will also want to inquire about various licenses and what needs to be done to meet the local, county and/or state requirements. If there is a homeless shelter in your area they might be able to provide assistance.

Hope this helps,  (SJ)  1/3/19

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