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I suffer from COPD and I'm on 2 L of oxygen. My wife and I want to travel but refiling O2 is a big problem. Could I get help with a portable O2 concentrator from the VA?

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A1:  Yes the VA provides portable O2 generators. You have to make an appointment with pulmonology and they will do an exam which includes the 6 minute walk test during which they will monitor your PulseOx. I'm not sure if your COPD has to be service connected or not.  (DG)  5/24/19

A2:  Go see your Primary Doctor.  (PH)  5/24/19

A3:  Who ever the VA has treating you with oxygen like a company called ROTECH if you going to travel you have to tell them 2 weeks a head of time and they will inform the VA to let you use a portable concentrator until you return from your trip.  (ED)  5/24/19   

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