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I’m 72 years-old, and my husband is 100% disabled through VA and has health care through them too. I’m wondering if I was eligible for health benefits from VA also?

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A1:  Since your husband is 100% disabled you are eligible for CHAMPVA. You need to get enrolled in DEERS. This can be done at any military base. You keep CHAMPVA for life as long as you dont remarry.  (BG)  5/24/19

A2:  As far as i know yes you are elgible you need to go to the VA website and search there the website will give you the answers but i would just call the VA and ask i am sure you are elgible.  (ED)  5/24/19

A3:  Yes, you are definitely eligible and should already be covered by CHAMPVA for your health insurance.  (JB)  5/24/19

A4:  I think there is a age cut off for the spouse to qualify for ChampVA. The younger you are the better. Its a great health insurance that picks up the bills Medicare doesn't including medication.  (JM)  5/24/19

A5:  You should be elgible for ChampVA as long as he is not military retired. Then you would be elgible for tricare for life.  (TB)  5/24/19

A6:  Im 100% pt my wife is 70 she got Champ Va she had to have medicare and part B to get Champ Va.  (JP)  9/1/19   

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