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I am very interested in obtaining a claim for PTSD. My mental health doctor was a VA employee first and a doctor. He would not look in to my PTSD claiming that we never had time during the appointments and he would constantly change the subject when I would bring it up.  What can I do to win my claim for PTSD?

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A1:  Tell your rep to take your claim to the Dept.of Veterans Appeals, it is mostly judged by fellow Veterans Who know alot more about our situations.  (RM)  5/25/19

A2:  First get a diagnosis, second start treatments and-maintain treatments, download the VA Form 21-0781 fill it in have a VA benefit counselor give it a look over to be submitted in connection to your claim, if there are any medications be certain to and make certain you bring up the medicating when your scheduled for a the C&P review, veterans you served with that can verify any stressful experiences you went through pictures can be helpful also, if having difficult sleeping and given sleep meds even mild sleep meds for a sounder amount of sleep so that the next day's stress anxieties are easier to cope with, I was in Vietnam now if there are any everyday noises or sights for example forth of July firecrackers police helicopters those issues for example do they bring back certain stressful instances you experienced even if you close your eyes to those matters mention those matters to the C&P examiner, search the internet to the signs and symptoms to PTSD and what applies to you bring those matters forth to the examiner at the C&P review.  Also if able to get in contact with the DVA (Disabled Veterans of America) to give you sound advice and even fill in the right forms for an effective claim.  Your welcome and good luck.  (AA)  5/25/19

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