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I am a Vietnam veteran,100% SC ,T&P for more thank 20 years due to PTSD...Malaria 0%...I’m suffering from an Autoimmune Desease (RA), that had been aggravated by the constant stress during many years...that’s the doctor’s opinion statement. But I'm suffering from tinnitus, hearing loss, peripheral neuropathy, glaucoma, chronic joint pain, migraines, bilateral knee replacements, right shoulder replacement, anxiety, depression, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, GERD, ED...and other serious conditions that are aggravated after diagnosis of PTSD. I claimed for secondary service connection by aggravation and VA denied...I sent a NOD with a statement of my doctor and scientific information about relation of stress (PTSD) and physical illness of immune system that causes or aggravates my physical conditions.....claimed for SMC A/A.....VA is treating my conditions as service-connected.....never refused to give me all treatments....VA give me a Scooter for ambulation and other equipment to make it easier to do my daily things...with the help of my spouse. The DRO will see my claim....almost two year since I sent the NOD......Please give me an opinion of my case.

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A1:  You are in the traditional appeal process which takes about 5 years to get that through the VA process. You might be able to file a supplement claim with the new medical evidence and those are supposed to be settled in 125 days. Without knowing all you have under agent orange it hard for me to determine what other disabilities you could possible eligible. I am am a Accredited Veteran Service Officer for 10 years and also Vietnam Veteran 1966.  (GR)  5/25/19

A2:  Listen very careful here!!  Sorry for your medical issues, life can suck. You ate a 100% P&T rating. U said u have had it for 20 years. I'm not 100% here but the magic number of 100% P&T may be 10 years. If true they the VA can not take the disability percentage away but do not quote me call VA to verify the above info. For vets with 100% P&T  Stop while I r ahead. Actually after reading your story, I'm not really sure what u r asking. Let a dead horse lye. Don't open up a bag of worms.  (MB)  5/25/19

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