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I have a service-connected disability with a rating of 40%.  I have been fighting cancer for 4 years. I was trying to get more compensation for my problems.  What evidence do I need to get an increase in compensation?

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A1:  Any New and Material evidence, other than whatever material you already have! What you need is new and current paperwork/files from your PCP, both VA and outside, dentist, ANY NEW Health CARE and have a VSO or pro-bono attorney. I wish you the best.  (GL)  5/30/19

A2:  Is the cancer service connected? You can always ask for an increase for existing conditions if they have worsened since last evaluation. You can file for additional compensation on other conditions if you feel they are service connected. I recommend you see a Service Officer with American Legion, VFW, your state dept of veterans affairs or any other veterans organization.  (GH)  6/1/19

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