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My husband served in Vietnam in 1969 – 1970 and he told me he was exposed to Agent Orange almost daily.  Unfortunately, all 5 of our children have physical and mental disabilities.  All of our children have dental problems, cleft palates, severe and uncontrollable rashes, one daughter has six fingers on one hand, a son has six toes on both feet, one child has scoliosis, another child has one leg longer than the other, and more problems.  I hope you get it by now.  I believe all of their problems come from my husband being exposed to Agent Orange.  Even though they are all adults now, all of them still live with me and need constant care.  My two oldest are autistic.  Can I submit disability claims for them through the VA and claim Agent Orange exposure?

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A1:  If your husband is still alive, have him (and you) go see your local DAV Service Officer and have him/her walk you through your desire claim.

Even though the VA states the Spinal Bifida is the only illness they'll approve as an benefit due to AO, the statement also says 'and other'conditions.

You should prepare all your evidence documents and file.

However, when you file, make sure you use the term. Herbicide Exposure' instead of Agent Orange.

The VA might still denie your his claim, but then you get your local congressional members involved. You should fight this as much as possible. Good luck.  (JL)  6/9/19

A2:  If I was you, I would definitely see the VA and the DAV. Yes submit a disability claim for sure.  (TS)  6/9/19

A3:  I am a retired VA service representative who worked on veterans disability claims for 10 years. If what you say is true, you do have a good basis to file a claim for your husband's disabilities and for your children. First things first. If your husband is still alive he needs a copy of his DD214 which should show his service in Vietnam. If he is deceased you still need a copy of his DD214. Second,please go to a veterans service organization like the Disabled American Veterans or Veterans of Foreign Wars. Tell them about your husband and childrens illnesses. You must have medical evidence that your husband suffered from illnesses directly related to his Agent Orange exposure. Make an appointment with your local DAV or VFW office and let them advise you how to proceed with your claim with the VA. These organizations will represent your husband and you for free as long as you have proof that your husband was a veteran. Good luck and God bless.   (KG)  6/9/19

A4:  There are many questions that I would still ask. But it can never hurt to apply for benefits anyway. This way and either way, approved or not, you will know where you stand and what type of appeal argument you will have to make. Please also understand when making an appeal it could take "years" to hear an appeal. I believe this to be by design to see if you will give up. NEVER GIVE UP. I am waiting on a benefit hearing and I have been waiting now for over 6 years. So do apply anyway and NEVER GIVE UP.  (CS)  6/9/19

A5:   WOW!!!  Seriously, if I were you...I'd Lawyer Up.  (RB)  6/9/19

A6:  Your claim should have been filed years ago. Take your husband his DD-214 to a Service Officer with a National Service Organization, VFW, American Legion, DAV or other organization.  (GH)  6/9/19

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