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I am Vietnam vet, I served in country 1966/67. I have developed diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, and heart problems.  I am sure my problems are from Agent Orange exposure.  I plan on filing a disability claim.  But, I have no service records.  I requested my C-File from the VA over a year ago and I am still waiting.  Is there any way possible to speed up the delivery of my C-File?

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A1:   If you have your Dd Form 214, and medical diagnoses for all that you listed, file 21-526ez, pages 8-12, front page is your info, 2nd page list each disability, there are some disabilities that are secondary to primary disability. If I could talk face to face with you I could write you a claim and I know you would get disability.  (GR)  6/9/19

A2:  Contact your local congressman they can help or file a complaint with general counsel as well.  (BP) 6/9/19

A3:  You do not need a C-File to file a claim. Take your DD-214 to a Veterans Service Officer, American Legion, VFW, DAV or another service organization and file a claim. If you want your health records and Personnel File from your military service go to your nearest congressional Office and/or a VSO and they will send for them. You are wasting time. Go tomorrow.  (GH)  6/9/19

A4:  I used my Congressman to get C-File. It took about 10-12 months. You have to fill out a VA form requesting your file. I'm sorry but I can't recall the form #. My file is 7852 pages long.  (JR)  6/10/19

A5:  Immediately you need to file an INTENT TO FILE on a VA Form 21-0966 and select a Representative who will assist you at no cost, using a VA form 21-22. Fill out these forms and get them into the closest VA to you ASAP- before you get your claims file or do anything else. This will establish your earliest effective date for your benefits if you get the VA what they need within one year to award you your claim.
Get a hold of your Country Veteran Service Officer to help you with your claim. Their assistance is free and they are well trained professionals.  In Country Vietnam means the VA automatically concedes that you were exposed to A.O. - no need to prove exposure. So look up the list of PRESUMPTIVE DISEASES for Vietnam Veterans on the VA website and print it out. When you prove to the VA you have any of these diseases, they will award you service connection. And for any other conditions you have that are service connected, you need a current diagnosis, medical documentation showing the severity and a link to your service. Get together with your County VSO and they will give you all the help you need. Pursue your VA claim---- you will be very glad you did.  (KF)  6/19/19

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