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I am about to lose my house. I am $27,000 in debt. I used the home equity to upgrade after getting custody of my two grandchildren. Any help from any organization and I will pay them back.

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A1:  If you qualify, you can possible look at getting a 100% VA refinance.  (DP)  1/3/19

A2:  Hi, Sorry to hear about your situation. I'm not too sure about the avenues available to you, but I've received a number of offers from USAA on various things financial. They offer a number of services, one of which is "personal loans" as well as home financing. They are an institution/organization that specializes in Military personnel, active and retired and Veterans. You may want to investigate that, but again, I'm not sure to what extent they may help, or even if they will.  I also suggest seeing your local VSO for some possible suggestions or guidance.  The American Legion or VFW may have knowledge of other entities/organizations that may be of assistance as well..worth a shot, IMO.  I wish I could be of more assistance. Best of luck to you.  (HB)  1/3/19

A3:  At this point, your only option is to file bankruptcy. You have no equity left in the house, you don't qualify for a loan or grant, before you lose the house, I would file bankruptcy.  (AP)  1/4/19

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