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I was exposed to Agent Orange during my time in Vietnam.  Now I have nerve problems and bad circulation in my feet and lower legs. I also have drop foot and peripheral neuropathy. I wear special shoes, leg braces and a back brace to keep me stable when walking and standing. I am SC at 100% and T&P.  My buddies at the VA said I should qualify for SMC because my right foot is useless.  Your thoughts.

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A1:  Yes file.  (JC)  6/9/19

A2:  Be careful. Sometimes when guys that are 10% T&P put in addition claim(s), they are subject to receiving a reduction in benefits if the VA finds out a condition of yours is now better. You never want them to have a reason to open your file. You're not gonna any more $ anyway.

You should just get your VA primary docter to have this condition(s) looked at and taken care of.

As a certified DAV Service Officer, this is what I recommend to you.  (JL)  6/9/19

A3:  I agree with the Gentleman that said, leave it alone. You won't anymore compensation at 100% t&p. Never give the VA a chance to open your file. They won?t do you any favors.  (DL)  6/9/19

A4:  Go to the VSO who has your POA and file. He will advise you regarding your VA claim.  (GH)  6/9/19

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