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I am a Vietnam veteran rated at 60 percent disabled.  I have service-connected PTSD, prostate cancer, and degenerative disc disease.  I’ve been recently diagnosed with major depressive disorder.  I haven’t been able to work for years because of my ailments.  Can I file a claim for depression and unemployability?

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A1:  It sounds like you have a pretty good case. I was rated at 70% for service connected PTSD, depression, etc. I also attend war trauma group sessions at the VA and I had the psychologist and the psychiatrist both write letters to comp. and pen to help me get my 100% unemployable rating rating. For me, the whole process took only a few months and I was awarded the 100% rating. If you are in the mental health care system with the VA you might want to start with them, if not, try your county service officer and they can give you more info on what to do. Good luck brother.   (JD)  6/18/19

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