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I was told by my VA doctor that I should seriously inquire about making a claim for VA benefits.   I have Adult Aspergers, which has disabled me completely.  I was never diagnosed with Adult Aspergers while on active duty, because mainly it was not clear what Aspergers was in the 80s and 90s when I was in uniform.  The VA doctor said being in the military made my Aspergers worse.  Because no one understood what was wrong with me I was always counseled and reprimanded by superiors for being myself.   I never did anything wrong or illegal.  Heck, I would show up to work an hour early, and leave 2-3 hours late.  If the bosses needed someone to work on the weekends I would always volunteer, but rarely selected.  What I’m trying to say is that nobody liked me.  Ever.  I was always put in an office by myself to work.  When my unit had morale building events I was never asked to go.  When I entered an office people walked out.  My entire career in the Air Force I spent it alone.  I had NO friends, NO acquaintance’s, NOTHING.  I was always by myself.  During Commanders Call I sat alone.  At the mess hall I sat alone.  During PT, I was always told to exercise on my own rather than with the rest of my unit.  And, since leaving service I’ve been fired from every job I’ve ever had.  Bosses would always tell me I wasn’t a good fit.  In your opinion would it be worth my time and effort to put in for VA benefits?

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A1:  A DAV rep can guide you through the process. So apply.  (EW)  6/20/19

A2:  Seek out an Accredited VA Service Officer from the American Legion, VFW, MOPH or PVA and seek their advice. It appears that you could have aggravation of a pre-existing condition.  (GH)  6/20/19

A3:  To answer your question yes. It might take a little work. Based on the doctor's diagnosis and your information, you might need a letter from the doctor. Most likely the VA will say, the claim is not military related. However file the claim, based on the information you provide. If the VA doesn't cooperate, hire a lawyer pro bono. Have a great day.  (AD)  6/20/19

A4:  Hi, try for a Non Service VA Compensation Disability. You may qualify. It pays 70%. Good Luck.  (SS)  6/23/19

A5:  It's always worth the time. All they can do is deny your claim.  (VT)  6/28/19

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