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I served four tours in Iraq.  The VA has rated me 70% for PTSD.  My civilian psychologist recently rated me a 32 GAF score.  If I put in a claim for an increase will a 32 GAF convince the VA I deserve to be rated at 100%?

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A1:  With 70% disability you can file for individual unemployability, to get to 100% with a GAF of 32 might be enough for the VA to award 100%. The way I see it you have two avenues to explore.  (GR)  6/20/19

A2:  As a Viet Nam Veteran, I can tell you that a GAF score of 32 is pretty low.  Not only should you be rated at 100&, but you also should be considered P&T (permanent and totally) disabled.  Be careful they don't take you for a compentance hearing.  Hope this helps you out.Welcome home!!  (PD)  6/20/19

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