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I recently had a Comp & Pen examination for peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, and more things I believe were caused by my time in the Army.  The “doctor” who looked me over was completely incompetent, and could barely speak English.  I don’t trust any results this guy will come up with, and if his results are not in my favor how do I challenge his results?

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A1:  Welcome home bro!! I got neuropathy from being on the PBR boats from being hit with AO.Neuropathy is on the list of AO disorders.You go to the DAV rep. at your VA and have them take over your case and order another C & P exam with another doc at another VA and start a claim unless you have a claim. Let the DAV do all the legwork. Make sure you get the shoes if you need them.I have the shoes and braces.Use a cane and watch out you don't fall. Let me know how you are doing. Hope this info helps you out!!  (PD)  6/23/19

A2:  See your patient advocate asap, before the axe falls. Their job is to help you first. Keep the faith, good luck.  (MM)  6/23/19

A3:  Also any medication the VA gives you check it out on the internet for side effects.  (GD)  6/23/19

A4:  Have your SO file a complaint. Ask what the Dr specialized in, how long has he been in practice, how many C&P has he done, how many have been challenged and then of course he couldn't be understood. I had a buddy have the same thing happen and he appealed and won. went from 50 to 80%. Good luck!  (DE) 6/23/19

A5:   File a notice of disagreement (NOD). Use VA Form 21-0958. Ensure you state all the facts about your C&P. This is the first step in the appeal process.  (AD)  6/23/19

A6:  Put in for an appeal try and get it expedited through the DAV (disabled American veterans org.) or the nearest benefit consular.  (AA)  6/23/19

A7:  You cannot foresee/disagree with what the doctor will put in the c+p report until you actually receive it. The c+p exam report is normally available within a month of the exam. I have seen them come back in less than 2 weeks. Go online and get a copy or at the VA. Read or take the c+p results to an accredited VSO. Evaluate the report and if you disagree appeal any issues you have disagreement with. You may be surprised.   (RM)  6/23/19

A8:  Had the same problem a couple years back. I went directly to the head of the department and complained. No threats or anything like that. He assigned a new care giver then and there. My next stop was my Senator.  (WM)  6/23/19

A9:  Have your Dr. in your assigned clinic refer you to a neurologist and make an appoint for you to have x-rays to support your arthritis claim. The neurologist will write an honest and professional report concerning your peripheral neuropathy. already been there and done that.  (DJ)  6/24/19

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