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I served in Vietnam from July 1969 until September 1969.  Am I eligible for Wartime veterans special compensation?

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A1:  If/when your age 65 there is an age 65 War pension.  (BA)  6/28/19

A2:  Your question is not as clear cut in the manner being asked. Wartime Veterans have 2 ways in which to receive a monetary amount. One being Pension which is a needs based program determined by income, assets, and medical expenses. The other being Compensation which is a monetary benefit based upon an injury or illness obtained or aggravated while on military duty. Obviously Vietnam Veterans who served boots on ground or in specific waterways can receive compensation for Agent Orange related illnesses which can be found by Googling them. Now we move onb to whether or not you a referring to Special Monthly Compensation but that is not just specific to wartime service. It is related to severity and needs of a condition that goes above and beyond just the normal rating scale. You should seek out a Service Officer to assist you with narrowing down what you are specifically asking for.  (JH)  6/28/19

A3:  You could possible be eligible for that wartime pension. I would file a disability claim first before filing for a pension. Disability does not affect any other income where as a pension is affected by other income.  (GR)  6/28/19

A4:   It all depends on you. Why did you only serve 2 months in Vietnam? Were you wounded? Were you evacuated because of a Disease, Injury or an Event? Were you an Infantryman? Do you have a Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) OR a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR)? Every person and claim is different. You just don't get compensated for just being there. Instead of Compensation, you could go for a Pension if you're over the age of 65. Just be careful and everyone is different.  Hang in there, Brother!  (RA)  6/28/19

A5:  Yes,even if you only served one day in Vietnam.  (MH)  6/28/19

A6:  Certainly. Google "agent orange conditions". If you have any of those conditions then contact your county veterans officer as soon as possible.  You will have to explain to the service officer what you mean by SPECIAL compensation.  (JH)  6/28/19

A7:  I believe it is "state by state" decision. The state of Massachusetts pays Vietnam Veterans $200.00.  (FM)  6/28/19

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