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Do I still receive an ID card after age 66 and am I still able to use military clinics and hospitals for medical care and medicine?  I am retired. Or do I have to go on Medicare?

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A1:  The answer is YES, if you've been seen by a VA doctor in the past 12 months if you haven't then you'll have to fill a 1010 EZ form. I'm Post Service Officer in Missouri and can get you lined up with a NSO that can help you.  Feel free to email.  (ML)  6/28/19

A2:  You must go on Medicare/Tricare for Life. There is a penalty for your premium for every year you delay Medicare after 65. You must be on Medicare in order to get Tricare for Life. Best deal going for retirees. Of course if you are disabled with the VA you can also use them.  (BL)  6/28/19

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