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My father, a 30 year Navy veteran, served off the coast of Vietnam and I believe he was exposed to Agent Orange while serving. He passed away in 1996 due to lung cancer. Is he, or his surviving children entitled to compensation for his early death?

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A1:  No.The benefit does along with the vereran.  (BL)  6/29/19

A2:  If he was 100% VA disabled than there a possibility that his children might be able to file a claim for DIC. But since it has been 23 years since is passing it would be iffy. If you have his DD Form 214, death certificate and birth certificate you can file 21-534ez and submit it to the VA(GR)  6/29/19

A3:  I am a retired veteran service representative with the VA and worked on veterans disability claims for 12 years. My advice is to try and find your Dad's Navy DD214 and any military records he might have left behind. Go see a local veterans service org. Like the DAV or VFW. You will need a copy of your Dad's death certificate and medical evidence of his illness. Talk to the service rep and find out how to file what is called a DIC claim. This is a service connected death claim for dependency indemnity compensation. You will also need your birth certificate to prove you are your Dad's child. The service org. will tell you what other evidence you may need to file your claim.  (KG)  6/29/19

A4:  NO. Disability comp goes with the veteran.  (RC)  6/29/19

A5:  There are many details needed to determine benefits. Also, they have just changed the law so now many Blue Water Veterans - as well as many others are entitled to VA benefits. With a copy of your father's death certificate and his DD 214 (if you have it), Go immediately to your County Veteran Service Officer or Recognized Veterans Organization or VA and get help filing a claim with your mother- for DIC (Dependent Indemnity Compensation) and file for the back pay of your father if he ever filed a claim for service connected benefits. Get the details from the person you go to see - don't be discouraged by the paperwork- just file the claims if eligible.  (KF)  7/1/19

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