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Hi,  I am 100% veteran for more than 40 years. I’ve had Champva since1977.  I have a claim on Champva.  I sent the Medicare form as requested with all the information via certified mail and have not received any response. Then I sent a certified follow up letter asking for response , no answer.  Also my wife received treatment at Auxilio Mutuo Hospital and they have sent them 3 or 4 billing claims and not one answer from them.  Now the Hospital is behind me to collect the money.  I live in Puerto Rico and I have tried to get in touch with them in English, Spanish and nobody answers.  I made my claim ten months more or less and now it’s two years.  The hospital sent their request and now it’s been a year and half (this are different cases).  My main concern is why won’t the VA respond to me or the hospital? Thanks for your help.

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A1:  Contact your congressman for help.  (LK)  1/4/19

A2:  Hi. I'm a disabled veteran & my wife has CHAMPVA, too. Fortunately, we haven't had to use it, so I don't know the answer to your problem. But, if I had your experiences, I would appeal to my representative in Congress. Even though it's not a state, Puerto Rico Does have a a Congress person.
Perhaps you've already tried this. If not, I am encouraging you to send a letter explaining everything, along with copies of your bills for the medical work, the letters & forms you've sent to ChampVA, any letters you've received about the bills still not being paid, etc. You said that your problem stands more than one medical problem, so be sure to separate the info into separate piles (perhaps even making the copies of each case using different light-color paper so that it will be clear what info is for what incident).  I imagine it's very frustrating, but don't give up.  If appealing for help to your Congress people doesn't work, send the same info to Pres Trump, both the House & the Senant Armed Services Committees, and any other Committee that oversees the VA. Also, ask for help from the various military-service organizations, like the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), the American Legion, etc., also chk the internet for other, new organizations that claim to help veterans.  Good luck!  (BE)  1/4/19

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