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When I was in the Navy I saw a Navy doctor 3 times, once for fungus under my fingernails, another time for lung pain and the last time was for severe stomach pain.  Each time I saw this doctor he gave me a finger wave exam.  At the time I was a 19 year-old kid and I remember thinking it was strange he would always put his finger in my butt, but I simply followed orders to see this one doctor.  During one exam he was in my butt for a long time.  I felt very weird about it.  Now I’m older, and wiser, and I believe this doctor molested me.  I later discovered the doctor was kicked out of the Navy for his sexual orientation.  Because this doctor violated me as a teenager, I will not let any doctor check my prostate.  I just can’t do it.  The Navy doctor ruined my head about this procedure.  I’m wondering if I should make a claim with the VA for military sexual trauma.  Would I have a case?

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A1:  Go for it you have nothing to lost.  (MH)  6/29/19

A2:  Yes, absolutely. Military Sexual Trauma could easily be claimed. However, you need to get the claim and current information in your medical records. Don't let shame keep you from it. It's more prevalent than you know.  (KD)  6/29/19

A3:   Yes, you should. As a DAV Chapter Service Officer (CSO), I recommend you go see your local DAV CSO and ask for assistance in filing a claim for PTSD MST, especially if you have (or have access to) documentation that you can use as evidence that these assaults occurred while in Service. Hopefully, your medical records might indicate your had several unnecessary rectum exams. Like with any claim, the more documentation as evidence you submit, the better your chances of receiving a favorable decision.

As you are aware, MST refers to a service member's experience with sexual assault or sexual harassment occurring at any point during his or her military service.

The key thing is proving that it occurred. This is too serious not to pursue.

Also, 1) look up the VA form 21-0960P-2 Mental Disorders (other than PTSD), for more info. 2) You can also contact the Military Sexual Trauma Coordinators at your local VA hospital for assistance.

Hope this is helpful. You can email me with any results of for assistance. Good Luck.  (JL)  6/29/19

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