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Does anyone know of a list of ships that served off the coast of Vietnam (Blue Water Navy) that is available? I know of the list of ships that went in to anchorage or tied up, but do not know of any list which includes BWN ship off the coast. Please advise. I did not set foot on the ground of Vietnam soil, or boots on the ground, but I too have a few medical conditions that are related to AO . Thanks in advance. 

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A1:  Don't know of any list and not sure the Navy archives probably would have it is some form. Whether they will give it out or share it is a question. Ask your congressman to look into it and you may get it or start one. Here is 3 I was on the the VA would not put on the list even though two went upriver on firing missions. USS Fletcher DD-445, USS Philip DD-498, USS Mobile LKA-115, USS New Jersey BB-62 were all off the coast of Vietnam. If I go thru my records than I may send a list to the VA or may send it to my congressman of ships listed on my chronological history of my ships and plane guarded as well as spotted on patrol duties.  (JRM)  7/7/19

A2:  I do. Email me directly and I will forward a copy to you.  (JL)  7/7/19

A3:  Go to bwnvva.org join to get full information concerning Blue Water Sailors .. Facebook, Blue Water Navy Association.  (RF)  7/7/19

A4:  Searched for you and if you go online to "search" and type in Blue Water Navy Ships List it will come up. It is posted as "List of BWN ships exposed to AO....good luck!!  (NT)  7/7/19

A5:  I'm retired AF & never got to VN, but a friend used sites we found on Google to get his Blue Water benefits.  (MS)  7/7/19

A6:  You would be better off trying for a list of ships that participated in PROJECT SHAD.  (NL)  7/7/19

A7:  If you go to the VA's website (www.vba.gov) and in the search box type list of ships. However there many ships still not on this list and so far I can't get answer on how to add a ship to the VA's list of Blue Water Ships. If your ship is not listed recommend you request your personnel records to include your Page4s that show your duty stations and if you have your cruise books, old letter post marked on your ship these are good evidence to support your claim. Even if your ship is not on the VA's list and you have evidence that your ship operated within the 12 mile limits you can use the Code of Federal Regulations Title 38 in Part 0-17 in part 3 the Reasonable doubt rule. Basically it says if there is any doubt about a claim the VA has to grant it in favor of the claimant. So don't sit around get your claim in now even though your ship is not listed. If you submit your claim in July your protected date is 1 August always the first day of the month following the month the VA receives a claim. Hope this is of some benefit to you.  (GK)  7/7/19

A8:  On Facebook there is a group called "Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association" there is a lot of information available with that association including ships locations and more.  (MR)  7/7/19

A9:   I have a copy of Navy and Coast Guard Ships Associated with Service in Viet Nam and Exposure to Herbicide Agents, Sept 4, 2018. This is the list that VA Regional Offices use to verify eligibility for the presumption of Agent Orange. Send your ships name, I'll be glad to check, etc.  (JAW)  7/7/19

A10:  Google blue water sailor ships or brown water ships. In addition, without a doubt, the VA has a list of each. I know, I found the list, which consist of approximately 30 page. I very sorry, I'm not at home. Therefore, I don't have the website available. Have a great day.  (AD)  7/7/19

A11:  Yes here's the link http://www.veteranprograms.com/ships-exposed-to-ao.html.  (BA)  7/8/19

A12:  Try the VA Navy Ships list.
It is several pages and contains Blue and Brown water vessels. It is a long list but I am certain you will find the ship you are looking for.  (MK)  7/8/19

A13:  You probably already know of this, but I'll send it with the hopes it helps... https://www.va.gov/shiplist-agent-orange.pdf.  (JW)  7/8/19

A14:   I was on the uss Canberra and I'm agent orange but we were in the harber of da nang and went in the river just south of da nang if you patrolled the coast close to the coast of Vietnam you might have been given the registration of boots on the ground and given agent orange clarification you have to check with the VFW and find out. It will be worth it.  (KM)  7/9/19

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