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I was recently granted a disability by the VA and have received my first compensation check.  When they notified me they mentioned I would receive retro pay.  What is retro pay and what are the guidelines for receiving retro pay?  It was evident in the amount that I received that there was no so called retro pay.

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A1:  You received your first months check, and later, they will mail you a check for the other months pay, from the first day you submitted your claim. Your disability started from the day you initiated the claim, whether it was 6 months ago or 2 years ago.  (HL)  7/7/19

A2:  When a you file a claim your effective date is the date filed the payday goes to the first of the next month, claim filed in July 15, pay date is August 1, say claim was settled on Jan 15; 2020, with 20% disability which is $263. For 20% times 5 months would be your retro or back pay, and then every month you Gary $263.00.  (GR)  7/7/19

A3:  Retro pay is from the time you applied
Until the time you were granted Your benefits. It does not come with Your check. It takes a while but it will come. Thank you for your service!
God bless!.  (CO)  7/8/19

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