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Why do they not recognize bladder cancer as a result from Agent Orange?  I had to have my bladder removed as well as my prostrate, so why do they not recognize this?

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A1:  Buddy, I can answer for Vietnam vets. Shulkin put bladder cancer forward in 11/17. Wilkie and Mulvaney have delayed it, and they missed two deadlines. Trump opposes Agent Orange program.  (JO)  7/11/19

A2:  Think money for if accepted it how many other veterans that have had the same health issue would be able to claim it. The VA right now is trying to reduce disability payments to all us veterans for conditions. That is why they have always denied, denied and denied for think back all the years and the trillions of dollars they would have had to pay out to veterans for conditions they knew we had because of serving our country and now that they have to pay for those actions they don't want to. Just like promises to the countries we fought in and promised to pay them to help them build their countries back up then did not pay. Wish it was other than that but you can always hope and let other veterans know they should all write to their congressman to introduce and pass a bill to make the VA pay for it and still pay when your quality of life has been ruined. Best of Luck to you and sorry for all you and others are going thru. I have conditions that are different but related to AO in Vietnam as well.  (JRM)  7/11/19

A3:  Prostate cancer is covered under the Agent Orange. If the bladder cancer came after the prostate cancer you could make it secondary to the prostate cancer.  (GR)  7/11/19

A4:  I already have a AO disability for my heart. however, when I applied for BC it was denied and now I have an appeal pending. Just keeping claim open and hoping they put it on presumptive list.  (JC)  7/11/19

A5:  Agree!!! I have the same medical problems? Why doesn't the VA recognize these medical issues/concerns from Agent Orange?  (JH)  7/11/19

A6:  I agree with JO and JRM. All efforts to add bladder cancer is being slow walked and no one cares if it ever gets there. VA has a goal (unspoken) to reduce compensation to vets to reduce overall cost. You can see it in the clinics and see it when they send letters to us requiring us to come back in for an evaluation. i.e. I have bladder cancer and Hodgins lymphoma and the VA says they think I am cured. BS - I will not go on a rampage but both are blood borne and are never considered cured. I still have a port in and continue to get treatments to check me out for both oncology and urology. A nurse is making the decision whether or not I continue to get any benefits. Not only does she not care but I am willing to bet that she is up for a gold star for turning a bunch of us out to pasture.  (HP)  7/11/19

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