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I recently received the following correspondence from the VA:

“We finished reviewing your claim on July 7, 2019. We sent you a packet by U.S. mail that includes details of the decision on your claim. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for your packet to arrive before contacting a VA call center. If you haven’t received the packet with the full details of your claim decision yet, you can see your rating by going to your disability page in eBenefits. Check your disability page in eBenefits for your rating.”

How long till I see the rating on e-benefits?  So far, only 2010 info is there at this time.

By the way I have diabetes, it was split off my claim to stand alone.  Federal Circuit Court case ruled in favor of Blue Water Navy sailors.  Will that ruling stand now?  Or, will Bill HR take affect January 1, 2020?  I'm in limbo here.

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A1:  I received my Packet and shortly thereafter the retroactive pay with no problem.. 4 years ago. NOW however I encourage you to call by phone to inquire absent the update on eBenefits. I just recently succeeded on a challenge to my disability reduction below the proper percentage. I saw such on eBenefits. Hearing nothing, I called. Sure enough VA had not done the Letter of Determination and the retroactive and monthly comp increase was not done. Now after three calls, I have things in motion according to an email received today. Without that call, I would be forgotten. So if you do not have the letter soon, call them.   (AG)  7/11/19

A2:  If the packet is due to arrive in 7-10 Business Days from 7 July 2019, you should know your rating when it arrives - about 21 July.  (DJ)  7/11/19

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